Microlise fleet telematics help you to maximise the efficiency of drivers and to ensure your vehicles are being operated as optimally as possible. With commercial fleet telematics you can reduce environmental impact and costs through improved fuel economy, better fleet utilisation and efficiency, and ensure your service levels remain high.

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Fleet & Vehicle Telematics

Using our vehicle telematics and the intuitive user interface you can quickly understand where your assets are, where they have been and where they are going. You can even alter their schedule live in real time from the transport office.

Our vehicle telematics systems let you assign your resources where they will be most effective and by understanding how the fleet is being driven, focus training where it will have the most positive impact to improve the overall performance of your fleet.

Microlise will also help you to streamline driver and customer communications with affordable and safe messaging; and hands free voice calls.

Temperature Monitoring

Microlise Temperature Monitoring allows fleet managers to monitor refrigerated units, ensuring that the temperature across multiple trailer zones are at optimum levels for vital supplies such as pharmaceutical or food products.

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Vehicle Tracking & Utilisation

Utilising best-in-class telematics, understand the location of your fleet in real-time, boosting security and efficiency. Gain insights in fleet utilisation, helping you maximise ROI from your fleet assets.

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Driver Performance

Achieve better driver engagement and performance development to reduce fuel costs, minimise vehicle wear and tear and increase safety.

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