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Fleet Telematics

Temperature Monitoring

Microlise temperature monitoring allows fleet managers to monitor refrigerated units, ensuring that the temperature across trailer zones is at optimum levels for vital supplies such as pharmaceutical or food products

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Working With Industry Leaders

Maintain the Right Temperature for the Right Load

Any change in temperature status results in an alert, providing the operational team with an opportunity to make any necessary adjustments. Door sensors also flag how long doors remain open and the impact of this on internal temperatures.

With the right intelligence, you and your customers can be assured that loads are being delivered in optimal condition. A full audit trail can also be produced to support each pick-up and delivery.

Visibility of Temperature

Information can be viewed via our tracking system with dedicated reports and alert functionality.

Safeguard Cargo Condition & Quality

Ensure that valuable cargo is protected and arrives in optimum condition.

Ensure Compliance With All Relevant Legislation

Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation


Monitor the integrity of temperature sensitive loads through stand-alone trailer temperature monitoring or by integrating with most OEM refrigeration units and third-party data loggers.


Receive standard system screens alerts if trailer temperatures stray outside of preset parameters.

Reporting & Compliance

Full temperature audit trails and a range of performance reports are available as proof of load integrity.