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Telematics technology has and continues to be a game-changer for fleet operators and has never been more affordable.

The potential benefits of a telematics system – including increased productivity, reduced fuel usage, monitoring the real-time location of a vehicle or improving customer experience – are tangible gains for transport enterprises, regardless of fleet size.


Improve driving style, increase utilisation and manage your team by exception. Focus gives you key information, allowing you to monitor fuel consumption, driver performance and much more. Dashboards allow you to view key information at a glance, or you can delve into further detail, via a feature-rich suite of reports and analytical tools.

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In the event of an incident or near miss, gathering information to establish what actually happened can be challenging. Our integrated multi-camera solution, especially when accompanied by the Incident Analysis add-on, gives you a rounded picture of what happened making it easier to establish liability.

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Remote Digi-Tacho Download

A digital tachograph makes life easier for management and drivers by removing the administration need to manually collect tacho data. The remote digital tachograph download module removes any administrative burden and bottlenecks. The module allows for the secure collection of information on a regular basis, irrespective of vehicle location, allowing data to be transmitted at speed to a nominated tachograph analysis provider.

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