Features & Benefits

Focus is available for all makes and models of vehicle, including older Pre-Euro VI. With a wealth of value-add features, you can make real-time adjustments to your routes and fleet, to secure cost savings and improve operational efficiency and utilisation.


Reduce Emissions

Driving with due care lowers emissions and reduces any impact on air quality.

Vehicle Health

Access current and historical vehicle health data and review information relating to engine torque, oil pressure, brake pressure and battery health.

Business Intelligence

The Focus dashboard supports in-depth analysis of your fleet and driver performance metrics, to support smarter operational decisions.


Receive instant alerts when a vehicle moves outside of working hours and provide your drivers with additional security with an optional panic button.


Pinpoint contextual speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and acceleration incidents to support safer driving.

Fleet Utilisation

Maximise your assets through real-time visibility and measurement of usage and dynamic scheduling.

Driving Style

Increase MPG, reduce costs and lower emissions by identifying driving style improvements across idling, harsh acceleration and over-revving.

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Account Manager for Focus

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