The multi-camera solution protects drivers, helps prevent accidents, controls insurance costs and improves driver performance. When integrated with Focus telematics, relevant incident or accident footage can be downloaded quickly and accompanied by granular level data, delivering a rounded picture of both vehicle and driver actions.

Reduce Insurance Cost

Many insurers offer cash incentives for fleets equipped with cameras as they are judged to have a lower risk profile.

Improve Safety

Cameras support better road safety for all users and make poor safety standards unacceptable.

Establish Liability Quickly

Cameras play a vital role in First Notification of Loss (FNOL), prompt incident reporting and claims management.

Integrate With Telematics

Camera footage can be viewed alongside granular level data from Incident Analysis screens, to support information-sharing when an on-road incident occurs.

Over-the-air Downloads

Be the first to make a claim when an incident occurs and establish liability within minutes. Footage can also be used to support targetted driver training around incidents and near misses.

Low Resolution Pre-Download

When the precise time of an incident is unclear, preview footage can be initially reviewed in low-resolution. Relevant high-definition footage can then be used to substantiate and support any claims.

Full Microlise Warranty

Our feature-rich camera solution is backed by a world class support and warranty package.

Tim Featonby,
Account Manager for Focus

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