Oaklands Farm Eggs

Focus Telematics Helps Oaklands Farm Eggs Deliver 4 Million Eggs a Day

With 30 vehicles delivering more than a billion eggs a year, Oaklands Farm Eggs has upgraded its telematics platform to Focus for remote digital tachograph download, cameras and track and trace fleet visibility monitoring.  

A day 1 for day 2 operation Oaklands has to be flexible, as the number of eggs delivered each day can vary. Transport Manager Dave Pink is using Focus to monitor key performance indicators, including fuel expenditure and safety, to bring fleet costs down and improve efficiency.

The capacity to track every vehicle in the fleet in real-time, and the proximity search function for vehicles, is allowing the team to understand vehicle specific movements, streamlining organisational processes by more accurately predicting when vehicles will arrive at site with a delivery, or return back to base.

With the fleet’s delicate cargo, the ability to understand driver performance is also key. Oaklands will be rolling out driver performance management in time, and already has harsh cornering, braking and speeding alerts in place to monitor incidents which lead to loss of stock.

Focus, powered by Microlise, is also helping Oaklands Farm Eggs to reduce administration and streamline compliance with Remote Digital Tachograph Download; a tool to automate manual tachograph processes and have data automatically sent to the tacho analysis provider.  This feature alone saves a significant amount of administration time.

Focus also includes a fuel theft alert security system. If the fuel level in any vehicle changes significantly, an alert is sent to the traffic office, warning of a likely theft in progress – something which can lead to costly losses.

Transport Manager, Dave Pink said: “I would definitely recommend Focus telematics. We’re really pleased with the system and every day I use it,  I uncover more and more functionality which is making my life easier while improving our utilisation and effectiveness. As well as increasing our efficiency, and helping us to improve driving standards, it’s saving us time and helping us to be more agile.”

Every day I use it,  I uncover more and more functionality which is making my life easier while improving our utilisation and effectiveness. The main impetus for buying the system was for remote tachograph download - but I'm finding more and more functionality in the system which is helping us to improve safety and reduce cost.

Dave PinkTransport Manager, Oaklands Farm Eggs

Tim Featonby,
Account Manager for Focus

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