What is Motion Magazine?

We would like to introduce you to (possibly) the newest magazine in road transport! Motion focuses on the vital role that technology is playing in the sector and the benefits it delivers to operators.

It’s unlike most other magazines in that it is not being produced by a publishing house and you won’t find any adverts inside. The magazine’s “reason for being” is purely to be a useful resource for logistics, transport and fleet professionals who are grappling with the big questions currently affecting the industry and wondering how technology can solve their problems.

Microlise is funding the title, but we have given full editorial control to industry expert and long-time journalist in the transport sector, Sharon Clancy. Sharon headed up M.Logistics magazine for 14 years and brings a great deal of expertise and experience to the project to ensure the content is topical, relevant, interesting and above all, engaging. And of course independent!

Motion is a digital publication and will be published on a quarterly basis. In the very first edition, which is available now, you’ll find a real mix of content covering everything from the latest compliance issues, to news from all corners of the industry and a frankly written editorial from the regular top secret “Industry Insider”, who talks about the tendering process and the damage that comes with removing personal human interaction from the equation.

Naturally the lead article in the first edition looks at “Black Gold” and the potential technology has in helping operators to reduce their operational expenditure on oil – or whether it is worth considering a switch to alternative fuels.

In each edition, there will be a regular Microlise Insight piece, by-lined to one of our team to discuss an area of interest or knowledge. Beyond this, we welcome contributions from all corners of the transport industry including feedback on your experience of reading the magazine.

Sharon is already working on content for February’s edition of the magazine and we are looking forward to reading it.