The Driver Shortage – Situation Update, Recruitment & Retention

23rd June 2021
11:30 AM BST

The driver shortage in the UK is growing. Brexit and the impact of Covid-19 have exacerbated the problem, but a lack of new talent entering the industry, driver conditions and remuneration, and changing legislation and regulation are also all contributing factors.

What is the state of play today?

In this webinar, Rod McKenzie of the Road Haulage Association will provide an update on the current situation, the size of the driver shortage and how it is impacting the industry. Rod will discuss some of the actions being taken by the RHA in working with Government to help alleviate the issue and the consequences of this huge issue.

What does the future look like?

Jennifer Swain Road to Logistics will then talk about the Road to Logistics scheme, and its work to help attract and recruit new talent into the industry, providing an update on progress since the organisation secured initial Government funding. Jennifer will also discuss what operators can do to recruit and retain drivers in the current climate.


Jennifer Swain

Head of Talent and Operations, Road to Logistics

Rod McKenzie

Managing Director of Policy & Public Affairs, Road Haulage Association

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