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Driver Incentivisation Through Telematics Performance Data

The driver shortage is a critical issue right now, with its impact being felt by industry, by customers and by consumers. Driver retention therefore is of critical importance, with driver churn potentially causing operational disruption, increasing costs and negatively impacting on standards.

One way to support driver retention is by offering recognition and rewards for good driving performance, based on data collected through telematics systems, with many companies now operating such schemes. One such company, that has realised great benefits since introducing a driver incentive scheme is Travis Perkins, the UK’s largest builders’ merchants.

In this webinar, Jon Lowe, Fleet Systems Manager, will provide an overview of the approach taken by Travis Perkins in recognising and rewarding performance based on telematics data. He will discuss the benefits Travis Perkins has seen, across areas such as operational efficiency and safety, as well as highlighting some of the challenges of implementing and running such a scheme.

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