Van Tracking & Telematics for Light Commercial Fleets

Introducing a comprehensive modular van tracking telematics solution designed to help fleet operators increase operational efficiency, enhance safety, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Quick Return on Investment

Light Commercial & Fleet van trackers and telematics technology empowers your drivers by directly providing them with the information they need to increase performance and drive more efficiently.

ensure compliance

Effective vehicle checks provide a way for you to take control of your fleet safety and risk – while also helping you to reduce the frequency and severity of fines.

Our software is also designed to help you to comply with HMRC rules for business/private mileage claims.

maximise vehicle uptime

Microlise makes it possible to do more jobs or deliveries with the same number of resources by increasing the availability of vehicles and boosting working capacity.

By adding just one more job per week, the solution will quickly pay for itself and help you to maximise the potential of your business.

engage drivers with telematics

Engagement is crucial to achieving return on investment and the fulfilment of objectives. A better performing mobile workforce generates enhanced service levels, ensuring you deliver on brand promises and your customers receive the best possible experience.

gain real-time visibility

Bridge the gap between your team and the customer and take a proactive approach. Monitor the status of your schedule in real time with a live view of your schedule, which updates in real-time as the day unfolds. Quickly respond to changing situations by notifying customers or sending alternative resources.

telematics for light commercial vehicles

Reduce operational costs, enhance service levels and add van tracking and comprehensive task management with the deployment of the Microlise Light Commercial & Fleet Solution.

key benefits our customers have seen:

an increase in safety standards

Enhancing Service Levels

a reduction in vehicle wear & tear

a Reduction in Mileage Run & Fuel Costs

Improving Driver Performance

reducing carbon emissions

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Russ Emmerson,
Microlise Head of Light Commercial & Fleet

Microlise Light Commercial and Fleet is modular, encompassing telematics, safety, journey management and proof of delivery, meaning it is adaptable to each customer environment. Every day we are helping customers achieve their goals to reduce costs, improve work capacity and deliver the best possible customer experience.

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"We are making an additional 50,000 deliveries without increasing the number of vehicles on the roads."

Whitepaper:how businesses are using technology to control road risk.

Fleets are coming under increasing cost pressure, not least from insurance premium increases. Find out how working towards minimising accidents and blameworthy events, can allow companies can take back control.

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