Telematics Shows Security Credentials Once Again

FenceLast week, it was reported that thieves who had stolen a JCB midi excavator in Italy had been thwarted, after the vehicle was recovered through the telematics system in place.

The JCB LiveLink system, which is powered by Microlise, came to the rescue after the culprits had made off with the machine after a 2.13am raid at the depot near Ancona (see image for the state of the fence!). The JCB LiveLink system tracked the vehicle for a short time after the theft, until the excavator was loaded into a container. The dealer was however alerted as they had programmed LiveLink to send him email and text alerts when a GPS signal was re-established.

Once the engine was started the night after the theft, JCB LiveLink picked up the signal and alerted the dealer who was able to act on the information.

The dealer was able to literally guide the police to the destination of the vehicle, which had travelled over 300km, and was found inside a barn near Rome.

The JCB LiveLink system has been responsible for the recovery of millions of pounds worth of stolen machines across the world. The system tracks each JCB machine, alerting customers and users whenever one is started unexpectedly or reports in at a location where it shouldn’t be present. This instant notification has allowed those suffering a theft to act quickly and effectively, with JCB also able to lock down machines that are reported stolen.

Telematics also delivers this same benefit with HGVs, vans and cars, with many reports of assets fitted with telematics hardware being recovered. This not only saves the owners a huge amount of time and money, as assets are retrieved and put back into service, rather than needing replacing, but also results in lower insurance premiums.

The JCB midi excavator is now back on site in Italy, with the dealer in question no doubt counting his blessings that telematics was in place!