Product Release: 20.7

In line with our ongoing programme of improvements, we are pleased to announce the release of the 20.7 product update. The latest version of our solution is now available, containing a variety of new features and improvements to existing features in response to requests from customers.

Customers with our Journey Management solution will see several new features across our Web Portal and SmartPOD application. The Schedule Execution Board (SEB) can now return journeys based on search criteria entered by the user. This will remove the initial wait time to return the default results for ‘All Journeys’ and tailor results to the user, making the experience faster and easier for our customers. The system will also save search settings if a user has to navigate to a different page of the Web Portal before returning to the SEB.

It is also now possible to see an item summary for consignments and at site level alongside signature capture screens on the SmartPOD application, broken down into planned, actual and claused item quantity categories. This will help our users to reliably track exactly what is being delivered and raise missing or incorrect items with their drivers and is a feature that is particularly useful for operators who work with hazardous materials or time-sensitive deliveries. The system will now also record the time and location of signature capture at the point of delivery, instead of the point at which the driver leaves the site, improving the reliability of recorded delivery times.

The SmartPOD application will now ask drivers to select a clause code when they have manually accepted an item, rather than scanning the item barcode. Supervisors using the Web Portal can then use the accompanying new quick report to monitor whether their drivers are adhering to their existing delivery processes to reduce the likelihood of human error. This will reduce the amount of time taken to make deliveries, and also highlight products which frequently have missing or unreadable barcodes, allowing users to detect and alleviate these issues more quickly to streamline the delivery experience for their own customers.

Our Fleet Performance solution will also see new functionality within the 20.7 release. Whenever a remote download of tachograph data is initiated for the vehicle unit file, a customisable maximum of up to 14 days of historical data is now included. This data includes everything right up until the point of the download, helping our customers comply with DVSA auditing requests and satisfy regulatory requirements easily and quickly.

The Fleet Visibility Map has also seen further enhancements, as users, depending on visibility permissions, can now view which trailers are available at a site by clicking on it within the map and checking the list which will appear in the informative side panel that recently replaced the pop-out map card format.

Alternatively customers can also use the Site Maintenance page to access this information, allowing them to apply filters to limit the information provided to what is most useful to them and access their available resources to assign them to planned journeys faster and more easily, helping our customers to be more proactive when managing the changing demands on their fleet. The system will now also remember the user’s selected preference to show or hide Geofences, even if the user navigates away to another page on the Web Portal in the interim before returning to the Fleet Visibility Map.

If you are a Microlise Customer and would like to find out more about the features briefly explored above, please speak to your account manager for the full version of the release documentation.