Microlise Awarded ISO20000 Accreditation for its Customer-facing and Internal Systems

Microlise has successfully secured ISO 20000 for its customer support services and for its IT Service Management system (ITSMS).

This recognition benchmarks the business as a provider of reliable and quality-driven IT services. It also delivers important assurance and transparency for our global and local customer base who utilise our customer support platform on a 24/7 basis.

According to Rob Shoreson, Head of Support Services for Microlise, “This accreditation is the result of months of work and reflects the significant investment made by Microlise across the service management area.”

“ISO 20000 will ensure we have the necessary policies, procedures and processes in place to deliver an effective and streamlined service to meet customer needs. The standard also helps us to leverage ITIL practices to optimise resources and processes, to ensure we are always delivering value.”

Shoreson concluded “This accreditation is important to Microlise, both in terms of supporting ongoing improvement, and from the perspective of our customers, who rightfully demand a superior level of support, that mirrors our product expertise and draws on international best practice.”

About ISO 20000

This is an international IT service management (ITSM) standard, that enables IT organisations to ensure that its ITSM processes are aligned with business needs and with international best practice to ensure the quality of the services they deliver.

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