Expert Insurance Panel to Demystify “Dark Art” of Fleet Risk & Premiums at the Microlise Transport Conference

A panel of four leading experts from the Insurance industry will deliver a definitive discussion about fleet technologies, risk and reducing premiums at the Microlise Transport Conference, being held on the 17th May at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

One of the perceived benefits of fleet technologies is that they reduce insurance premiums by enabling fleets to demonstrate a safer performance, reducing risk and resulting in lower costs. The panel will feature representatives from Marsh, NFU Mutual, GS Group and HDI Global SE to clear up exactly how technologies can reduce premiums.

Award-winning motoring journalist, TV presenter and conference chair Quentin Willson will be moderating the session, delving into the topic to find out exactly how fleet operators can ensure they are using technology in the best possible way and how insurers confirm reduced risk.

“Whilst there is much anecdotal evidence of technology playing an integral role in helping to reduce insurance premiums, many in the industry would like a better understanding of how to achieve this, and that’s exactly what this session is about,” said Bob Harbey, Microlise Executive Director.

An increasing problem for operators is securing financially viable insurance for young and novice drivers, with Insurers seeing a high risk and setting premiums accordingly. This is having a knock-on effect in terms of the industry driver shortage, with operators finding it difficult to bring new talent into the industry even when they have suitable and willing individuals ready to enter the profession. This issue will only worsen with the introduction of LGV Driver Trailblazer Apprenticeships, aimed specifically at helping the industry attract new drivers.

“This panel may not have all of the answers; but with four Insurance executives in one room we should be able to introduce new clarity on these issues, which will help transport operators in a practical way. Through our Road to Logistics initiative, we are increasingly seeing the problem of getting young and new drivers insured at a cost that is appropriate” added Harbey.

The panel titled Insurance and Technology will take place in the second morning session as part of the main conference programme. Senior executives from the likes of DVSA, Eddie Stobart, Transport Commissioners for Great Britain, Government Office for Science and the Institute of Couriers will also take to the stage.

Commenting on the insurance panel, Nigel Tullet, Commercial, IT & Property Director of Bibby Distribution, who will also speak at the conference, said: “Insurance premiums are a significant cost for commercial fleet operators. This panel discussion will offer insights to the industry on the perspective of insurers, in terms of what they are looking for from operators and what information they need to accept a lower risk profile, and therefore offer reduced premiums”.

Nigel Tullet is an experienced supply chain professional who sits on the executive and main boards at Bibby Distribution, which employers over 2,000 people based across over 90 locations in the UK. During his conference address, he will talk about the role of technology in realising safety, efficiency and optimisation benefits across a modern day logistics operation.

“The Microlise Transport Conference is a key date in the industry calendar and I look forward to addressing delegates on how technology is playing an ever increasing role throughout the logistics operation, from warehouse to fleet and beyond”, commented Tullet.

The conference agenda is supported by the RHA Driving Britain Forward’s workshop, as well as the Microlise workshop covering technology in transport; and the Motor Transport workshop featuring innovative industry suppliers. It will take place at the centrally located Ricoh Arena in Coventry, at the heart of the logistics golden triangle.

Registration for the Microlise Transport Conference, which is free to attend, is now open at www.microliseconference.com.


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