Driver Performance

Fleet Driver Management

With driver performance monitoring, empower your drivers to improve and at the same time realise significant fleet efficiency gains.

The Microlise fleet driver management product provides a detailed view of performance. With this knowledge you can debrief drivers and deliver targeted training where it is needed most.

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Reduce fleet costs

Fleet driver management and increased performance helps to cut fuel and maintenance costs.

Improve fleet safety

Realising better driver performance will reduce the risk of accidents on the roads.

Empower your drivers

Increase driver engagement by providing direct access to telematics performance data.

Driving Style Self Debrief Application (DPM)

The Driver Performance Management app provides drivers with detailed information on their driving performance, as well as providing analysis around particular aspects of their driving where improvements may be required. Drivers have their own log in, letting them see how they performed, while managers can log in and see a whole group.

Driving Style Rating

Driver performance information is also delivered in easy to understand and interpret report that grades individual aspects of a performance and then also provides an overall rating. Grading across all the key elements of driving style makes it very easy to identify patterns of behaviour and to highlight problem areas that require attention.

Driving Style Debrief and Reporting

Save time and improve efficiency when you debrief by exception, intervening with drivers only when you need to. This ensures that resources are targeted where they will have the most benefit.

In-cab Driver Feedback (DFM)

Feedback is delivered in real-time. Poor driving is automatically communicated to the driver, giving them the opportunity to change their behaviour, knowing that any further infringements will be recorded.