Driver & Customer Communications

Driver Management

With a sophisticated, cost effective and intuitive communications platform in place improve driver management and communication with customers.

With instant messages and hands-free phone calls on the same device used for satellite navigation, keep a cost effective comms link open and allocate tasks on the fly as the day unfolds. Manage your drivers and enable proactive communications with customers at the same time.

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Enhance Driver Communications

Safely, securely and effectively communicate with drivers to manage tasks and provide key information.

Streamline driver management

Simply manage driver or employee task lists and deliver these in near-real time to keep itineraries up-to-date.

Ensure optimised navigation

Routes planned in optimisation tools are delivered to the driver with routes being appropriate for the vehicle being driven.

Two-Way Messaging

Communicate with drivers via your in-cab device with both voice calls and instant messaging. Whether it’s a simple delivery update or a request for key information the instant messaging functionality means you can stay connected.

Satellite Navigation (inc. Truck Routing)

Import routes planned in separate optimisation software and delivery no fuss route navigation straight to your drivers. The satellite navigation can be optimised for trucks and larger vehicles if required, guiding vehicles only along suitable roads.

Hands Free Phone + Contact List

Increase safety for your drivers and other road users by enabling hands free phone calls. Also give your drivers the contact details they need, when they need them. A contextual journey phonebook can be added to automatically provide your driver with the key contact information he or she needs, depending on the journey they are on.

Task Management

Allocate new tasks and amend and alter existing jobs in real time whilst your drivers are out on the road.