How Connected Technology & The Industrial Internet of Things Can Transform Service Support

Thanks to connected technology and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), high-quality data can be captured at speed – providing insight into what’s really happening, rather than what manufacturers hope is happening.

As customers’ product expectations increase, connecting field-based assets allows manufacturers to get closer to end users, identifying patterns of use or behaviour that may have been hidden – and detecting and resolving customer issues before they become a problem.

Armed with the right information, your support team can also ensure that equipment runs optimally – anticipating faults, extending equipment life, and enhancing work order management. This shift — from preventive to predictive maintenance — allows support teams to take action before problems occur, thus minimising damage and disruption as well as saving time and money.


Connected technology and the IIoT delivers clear benefits to your business including:

  • Early diagnosis of machine field issues - understanding how your assets are performing and how they are being used in the field is critical to your customers and can also be invaluable to your service and engineering teams as lessons learned can be incorporated into the support process and into future product designs.
  • Improved fix first time – by harnessing the right data, you secure critical product usage intelligence to strengthen engineering and product performance through more timely and proactive first time fixes.
  • Better management of warranty and R&M liabilities – warranty systems provide vital data to help companies manage product quality, repair and maintenance, and all associated costs.
  • Efficient workshop planning and better stock management - support staff can make timely and predictive maintenance decisions and manage inventory levels by drawing on real-time monitoring to contain or reduce costs.
  • Management of technician skill set and training of less experienced staff – By deploying IIOT technology, machine information can be shared in the workshop, supporting all levels of technical staff, strengthening developmental opportunities and ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction.
  • Increased customer fleet up-time & availability – securing full visibility of asset uptime is a critical measure which will allow you to build value and competitive advantage while strengthening customer engagement.

The right connected machinery program also delivers a compelling commercial proposition as it directly impacts on both your bottom line and future growth.

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