If Carlsberg Did Eco-Driving

We can safely say that… if Carlsberg did Eco-Driving… Which they do… then it would probably be the best in the world! Well not just probably, but definitely!

We know this because they have won the Eco-Driving category at this year’s Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards. Congratulations to them!

We all remember the “if Carlsberg did…” series of adverts. The iconic videos showed Carlsberg delivering the best… haircuts, kickabouts, girlfriends etc. This has now moved from fiction, into fact.

We are pleased because our benefits realisation team have been working closely with them to achieve some excellent results over recent years. Carlsberg has done most of the hard work, but we are proud of our contribution and technology which has helped them to significantly reduce emissions and fuel consumption. You can find out more about those savings by watching this short video case study.

The awards are a leading event in the fleet industry calendar and showcase organisations that are proactively cutting carbon emissions through innovative transport policies, improved fleet efficiency, or the provision of cost and fuel saving products or services to fleets.

Through its work, such as awards like this, impartial advice, research and work with businesses and government, Energy Saving Trust helps people to save energy every day.

I think that calls for a Carlsberg!