Final Push to Break Transaid Fundraising Record Following Tragic Death

On Wednesday 26th September, on the fourth day of Transaid’s Cycle Zambia fundraising challenge, the unthinkable happened when participant Jayne Gray was killed in a road traffic collision, which also saw another participant very seriously injured.

It was a shocking, sad and tragic incident which has left everyone involved stunned. As well as casting a long shadow over the fundraising it has of course led to a lot of thinking.

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, we offered our sincere condolences to Jayne’s family and to support Transaid however we could, including the eight Microlise staff cycling in the challenge of which I was one.

Now, a few weeks on, and following a Celebration of Life ceremony for Jayne, I think it’s important that we remember what we were all doing this for. We were raising all-important funds for Transaid, which is making a real difference to road safety in Africa.

Cycle Zambia cyclists, including Jayne, raised in excess of £220k together for Transaid’s excellent work, including the work it does in Zambia training professional drivers. We’re proud of our team’s efforts which contributed £40k to that total.

At the time of publishing, this total puts Cycle Zambia just £8k short of setting a record and beating Cycle South Africa as Transaid’s biggest fundraising event of all time. Funds are still coming in and we might yet get there.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so via Jayne’s own Virgin Money Giving page which remains active despite her tragic loss.

Whether we make it to the target or not, I think it is important at this time to remember the success of the fundraising and the excellent work Jayne and the rest of the cyclists put in, which may help to stop incidents such as this from happening in Zambia in the future.

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