Expert Logistics delivers with Fleet Performance from Microlise

Expert Logistics Ltd has 25 years experience of delivering white and brown goods. They deliver all types of white goods to both trade and domestic customers on behalf of manufacturers, retailers and e-retailers. Their hassle free service proposition covers delivery, installation and scrap removal for customers at homes across the UK.

Expert Logistics have decided to implement the Microlise Fleet Performance solution on 139 vehicles within their fleet.

The Microlise Fleet Performance package provides a range of in-vehicle technology options and reports which gives customers the information required to readily understand the utilisation & performance of their vehicles and drivers within their fleet.

As part of the solution, the Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU3) is fitted to the vehicle, including a connection to the FMS databus. The MTU3 then generate real-time data about the vehicles location and usage as well as detailed information relating to how the vehicle is being driven which allows customers to then target improvements in both fuel economy and safe driving.

By implementing this system Expert will be able to monitor and measure vehicle & driver performance as well as fleet utilisation in order to help drive maximum operational efficiency & productivity. Driver performance and safety are the key reasons for implementing the system and Expert hopes to achieve a minimum 5% fuel saving.