Our Values

We are an enthusiastic, caring and progressive company. We take care with each and every appointment to make sure our team is operating with the same ethos, attitudes and aspirations. Our values are integral to everything we do and that’s how we become in practice the company we aim to be on paper.

We are passionate & positive

Microlise people want to work in an interesting, challenging and continually changing field, they want to use the latest technologies & methods.

We value the customer

Microlise people value the customer by solving their actual problems, this is because we understand our customers' businesses.

We make it happen

Microlise people don’t just “talk a good game”, they are highly skilled in their field and are able to deliver on their commitments

We care about our people

Microlise strive to do the right thing by our people, customers, society and the environment

We want to continually improve

Microlise constantly look at our markets, our investments, our products, people & processes to see what we can do better.

Leading the way in transportation

Working closely with the largest haulage firms

Rapid growth across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia

Many years of experience and know-how

Forward thinkers in transport managment, telematics and software IT

Giving Back

Transaid works to put transport infrastructure in place in the developing world, where it is needed most.

A not-for-profit scheme founded by the RHA and Microlise to provide industry training and support for individuals from deprived backgrounds.

Proud to be a business signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, in support of the armed forces community.

Managing our charitable outreach and support for the local, national and international causes that we hold dear.