Sanjay Mudale Celebrates His Three Year Work Anniversary

Your name and your current role in the organisation?
My name is Sanjay Mudale and I’m working as an embedded developer.

How has your career path evolved since you joined Microlise?
Since joining I’ve learned different protocols and skills which have helped me to grow a lot personally.

Why have you stayed working with Microlise for the period you have?
I believe that I have good learning opportunities across out tech portfolio. It’s also a nice working environment, with supportive team members and managers.

What has been your career highlight during your time at Microlise?
As part of the team working on the ML05 (AIS140) product last year and also more recently developing the LLECU4 production firmware.

How would you describe the culture at Microlise?
Microlise has an open work environment, where you can have fun at work. The organisation encourages people with monthly awards/rewards. Regular training is provided as well which helps us all to develop.

What would you like to say to the people who are looking forward to joining Microlise?
If you want to grow in a professional career and work on challenging technologies then join Microlise.