Minal Chiddarwar Celebrates Her Four Year Work Anniversary

My name is Minal Chiddarwar and I am a Data and Commissioning Administrator.

Looking at the evolution of my career path, Microlise is the first product based organisation that I have worked for. It gives me a feeling of pride that I am the only person in my area of work that is based in India but that hasn’t prevented me from managing and handling my work confidently. Working solo has helped me to improve my inter-personal skills too. I am contributing to the organisation by sharing knowledge about the commissioning process with other new joiners  – especially people from application support.

The reason why I have stayed at Microlise for the period that I have is that when I joined Microlise, it was like a career restart for me after a long maternity gap. Working at Microlise helped me maintain my work-life balance very easily.

The team bonding experience was also very positive. The work culture at Microlise is definitely a bonus.

I have had a number of career highlights during my time in Microlise including:

  • To begin with, I was involved in basic commissioning for a few months but then progressed to handle very large amounts of customer data.
  • My presentation skills have improved. I communicate with all kinds of clients/people and am the single point of contact for the office in India when it comes to explaining the commissioning process.
  • I am also getting better at working under pressure!

The work-life balance at Microlise is the best part of the role for me. Communication at all levels is open with everyone there to help and support everyone else.

Therefore, to anyone thinking of joining Microlise, I would say to go ahead and grab the opportunity — It is a great place to work!