Meet Mrunalini Jadhav, Business Analyst, Who Celebrates Four Years With Microlise

  1. Who are you and what is your role?

    I am Mrunalini Jadhav, and I have worked as a business analyst for the past four years.

  2. How has your role changed since you joined Microlise?

    I have been given additional responsibility and have dedicated projects I work on.

  3. Why have you stayed at Microlise for the period you have?

    There have been continuing learning opportunities and I’ve been exposed to various tools and technology at work. There’s also a friendly atmosphere here and a good work-life balance.

  4. How would you describe the culture at Microlise?

    Microlise offers a very creative and open working environment. There is also a clear focus on innovation and growth.

  5. What has been your career highlight during your time at Microlise?

    I’ve had the opportunity to attend various national and international conferences, I’ve inrteracted with various customers and have completed internationally-recognised courses and achieved certification. I’ve also taken part in various CSR initiatives which I’ve enjoyed a lot.

  6. What would you say to people looking at joining Microlise?

    I’d say that Microlise promotes individual initiative and freedom. It’s a great company to work with; it is continually growing and is passionate about its employees.