Anup Dash Celebrates His Four Year Career Milestone

Your name and your current role in the organisation?

My name is Anup Dash and I work as an Account Director for Asia and the Middle East Region. I am part of the Business Development team and my primary role is to prepare and execute the business strategies to grow Microlise Business in those regions and maintain a positive relationship with existing customers.

How has your career path evolved since you joined Microlise?

I initially joined Microlise as a project manager in the delivery team to look after all the TATA Motors projects and worked directly with the customer. Then later I moved to the business development team as an account director to look after accounts such as TATA Motors, MAN Truck & Bus Middle East & Africa & Emirates Logistics and to manage business growth across those accounts. Through my journey in Microlise I have not only been involved in client focused projects or business development activities but have also set up other processes including establishing a TATA support team from India with Tier-2 support, service review, warranty settlement processes etc.

Why have you chosen to stay with Microlise for the period you have?

Microlise has provided me with plenty of opportunities to perform and grow within the organisation. I am enjoying my work here.

What has been your career highlight during your time at Microlise?

There are many moments I’ve cherished, When I joined Microlise, around 21,000 vehicles were live in the TATA Motors system, in 2018 we had reached the milestone of installing and reporting on more than 100,000 vehicles which was a first for any Indian OEM. As part of this event Microlise presented a Trophy to Mr. Guenter, the CEO of TATA Motors.

In another instance, when we received the order to supply a new telematics tracking unit to TATA Motors with a deadline of implementation. By overcoming numerus hurdles we achieved the deadline and published a video from the production line. The project highlighted our commitment and dedication with all of our technical team from hardware,  firmware and software working together to achieve it. Similarly, after the introduction of the AIS140 our technical teams worked hard to secure certification as per the deadline for implementation.

From the Middle East, our relationship with MAN Truck & Bus grew stronger and they announced a partnership with us to deploy our telematics solution in the region. Through this, we entered North Africa and provided our solution to MAN vehicles in Morocco.

How would you describe the culture at Microlise?

Microlise has an open culture, where the senior leadership are very open and listen to people. You can approach them with anything you want to discuss.

What would you like to say to the people who are thinking of joining Microlise?

Microlise is a great place to work, where you enjoy your freedom and get opportunities to grow and develop your career.