Anish Jain, a Research Programmer, Celebrates a Five-Year Career Milestone

  1. Who are you and what is your role?

    Hi All, My name is Anish Jain. I am currently working as a rsearch programmer in Microlise. I work on research POC projects and then share knowledge across the development team. I particularly enjoy working on challenging projects.

  2. How has your role changed since you joined Microlise?

    I began my work with Microlise as a developer. Because of the support I received from my technical lead and manager, I was able to improve my technical and communication skills which led to work with the data science & research team. The team has exposed me to lots of new opportunities.

  3. Why have you stayed at Microlise for the period you have?

    I have been able to experience how the entire product cycle evolves which has been challenging and interesting. I have been able to move horizontally to work across multiple teams and have been supported in my career goals and have received promotions along the way.

  4. How would you describe the culture at Microlise?

    I think the culture is open, anyone can talk to anyone. You can always discuss work-related issues and challenge thinking, particularly if it leads to a better functional outcome. I Have grown a lot in confidence because I am appreciated by my manager. This has encouraged me to work hard to get things done and deliver positive results.

  5. What has been your career highlight during your time at Microlise?

    I joined Microlise as a developer and have been constantly learning. I got a chance to work on a project that led me directly to work with the data science & research team which I thoroughly enjoy.

  6. What would you say to people looking at joining Microlise?

    If you are looking for an open culture and want to grow your career, then join Microlise.