Career Milestone – Antony Stickley, Technical Hardware Engineer, celebrates fifteen years

1. Who are you and what is your role?

My name Antony Stickley, and I am a Technical Hardware Engineer. I have a broad remit but focus on installing, maintaining and repairing various telematics devices.

2. How has your role changed since you joined Microlise?

My role has changed enormously during my time at Microlise. In the early days, the organisation was primarily focused on warehouse management systems (such as forklift truck and hand-held stock picking terminals and access points). Since then, there has been a huge shift in product and we have made massive inroads into the vehicle telematics market, both in the UK and globally.

3. Why have you stayed at Microlise for the period you have?

Quite simply because I enjoy my work. No day is the same and a variety of different challenges are faced. That, plus the fact that Microlise is a great employer to work for.

4. How would you describe the culture at Microlise?

The culture at Microlise is like that of a large extended family. I feel there is a personal touch. It’s a hardworking culture, but work gets done in a relaxed and light-hearted environment.

5. What has been your career highlight during your time at Microlise?

The highlight of my Microlise career was undoubtedly travelling to Sweden to work on the Carlsberg project when it was in its infancy.

6. What would you say to people looking at joining Microlise?

Microlise is a company that is not standing still and is always innovating. It is made up of driven and like-minded employees who constantly strive to deliver greater customer service. The business also has very clear short-term and long term plans for its growth and expansion so we all know what direction we are heading in.


It’s a hardworking culture, but work gets done in a relaxed and light-hearted environment.