Sixteen “Facts” Quoted at Connected Fleets Europe

Fleet operators, telematics companies, mobility service providers and vehicle manufacturers massed in Amsterdam this week for Connected Fleets Europe 2016.

I am sure I have missed some stakeholders off that list, but hopefully you get the idea. Lots of people interested and active in the evolution and revolution of the transport industry were there to combine thinking, collaborate and share ideas.

Time and again during conversations with delegates and listening to conference speakers the same trends were raised. Digitisation… Servitisation… Uberisation… Automation… Utilisation… Data…  Mobility… and open standards.

Rather than writing a blow by blow account, I thought a simple list of some of the most interesting quoted figures would illustrate the topics of conversation. Read on for my full list of 16 facts from the two-day statistics bonanza.

  • 30% of HGV fleets will be using telematics by 2020 (99% of those will rely on technology hard-wired to the vehicle to retrieve data)
  • In 2020 90% of new cars will be connected
  • 13% of all casualties on the roads are pedestrians
  • 17% of collisions involve a single vehicle
  • 22% of collisions happen at slow speed
  • 100 autonomous Volvo cars are to be let loose in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017
  • 14.3 trillion Euros is the estimated cost of congestion in the EU
  • 2018: The year in which EU data privacy laws will be harmonised
  • 150 million kilometres travelled by connected Scania HGVs each month
  • 3,500 miles of pavement traveled by a new last mile 99% autonomous delviery robot designed by Starship Technologies
  • There will be 6.75m fewer cars in 2020 (due to servitisation)
  • 78% of those polled at the conference thought it was time for a new standard to create a more open environment between technology service providers and vehicle manufacturers
  • 20% of world retail will be online by 2022
  • 50% of electronic goods bought in the UK are transacted online
  • The average profitability for the top 100 transport operators in the UK is 3%
  • There are 300,000 HGVs on the UK’s roads

We hope to share more interesting facts at the upcoming Microlise Transport Conference on 18 May at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.