New Powers for Vosa

VOSA will be able to stop more vehicles under new powers coming into force in April that give the agency increasing independence from the police.

Currently, VOSA can only independently stop drivers if they suspect a fault with the vehicle. Under the new powers to stop rules, VOSA roadside enforcement officers will be able to stop a vehicle to check drivers’ hours compliance, overloading or paperwork.

In Scotland VOSA will no longer have to attend checks with a police officer presence. VOSA has been able to conduct independent roadworthiness checks in England and Wales for some time but has had to get written consent from the police. Such permission will no longer be required.

“The legal requirements under which VOSA makes a roadside stop will be more straightforward and may save time as officers will not be required to make a roadworthiness check before checking drivers’ paperwork,” says James Firth, Freight Transport Association head of road freight and enforcement policy.

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Article source:, Patric Cunnane.