New Dashboard Widgets to be Released


The latest Microlise release (MFD2018.9) is due out soon and we wanted to give you advanced notice of some of the brand new widgets coming to a dashboard near you.

In our Product Insight on dashboards we outlined how Microlise users are able to add and resize their chosen widgets to their dashboard – giving quick insightful access to the most needed information.

With new widgets regularly coming on-stream, here’s a round up of those being released this month

Potential Clash Widget

Most retail outlets only have a single loading bay, leading to long delays for any second vehicle that arrives at a time which clashes with an existing delivery already in progress. As most depots plan their schedules independently of each other, two separate depots may send vehicles to the same outlet at once, causing a clash.

To mitigate this, a new widget has been made which brings these possible clashes to the attention of a transport manager, allowing drivers to spend more time out on the road and improving the efficiency of transport operations.

Introduce this widget and you’ll see a list of potential clashes for the next twenty-four hours in a list format.

Drivers Not Clocked Off/On Widgets

Drivers have planned end times for their shifts in order to remain compliant with legislation around driver work hours. However, in reality a driver may not clock off when they plan to for various legitimate reasons including traffic congestion,  delivery clashes, or road traffic accidents.

A dashboard widget has been developed to display the total drivers not yet off-shift, which when expanded details information on the driver(s).

Put this widget on your dashboard to instantly understand which drivers are still on shift so that you can contact them to see what has prevented them from clocking off.

The sister widget will identify drivers who haven’t yet logged on, who are supposed to have according to the schedule.

Drivers Exceeding Shift Widget

Drivers who exceed their shift hours can incur fines if they do not comply with egislation that mandates drivers’ working hours.

This newly available dashboard widget reveals the number of drivers exceeding their agreed shift times.

This will help operators by highlighting problem journeys, allowing for drivers to be debriefed to find out why this has occurred. It can help spot reoccurring issues such as drivers being given too many deliveries to be realistically completed, or routes which frequently suffer heavy traffic at particular times.

Excessive Turnaround Widget

Vehicles which spend longer on-site than required can significantly affect driver’s hours, reducing the amount of distance a driver can cover within a day and reducing operational efficiency. It can also make subsequent deliveries late.

This new dashboard widget details the percentage of deliveries which have excessive turnaround times. This will allow depot managers to identify which locations repeatedly suffer delays and make it easier to spot places where scheduling clashes for drivers occur frequently.

Drivers Requiring Debrief Widget

When a driver’s score exceeds an adjustable pre-configured threshold, that driver is flagged for debrief by a manager at the end of their shift.

This dashboard widget, primarily displaying a total number of driver debriefs required in a day, allows managers to plan time to perform them accordingly.

The widget also offers more information including drivers names, route aliases and expected arrival time if expanded.

Want Dashboards?

If you have yet to enable dashboards, contact your account manager or speak to customer support by calling +44 (0)1773 537474. If you’re not yet a Microlise customer, please feel free to get in touch to talk about how we can help with your transport operation.