Motion Magazine 2018 Issue 3 Out Now


A new edition of Motion Magazine, our digital publication for road transport professionals interested in learning more about the role of technology in freight transport, is out now.

Edited by Sharon Clancy, formerly of M.logistics, the magazine has independent editorial leadership and aims to be an accessible, trusted, source of information about technology in road transport.

In This Edition:

Autonomous Vehicles – The lead story looks at autonomous vehicle trials around the world from the UK, to Europe an the US.

Safety First  A piece looking at the technology Highways England proposes using as it engages more closely with truck drivers and operators to reduce the number of incidents involving commercial vehicles.

A bridge too far – With 2,000 bridge strikes in the UK every year, costing £13,500 on average per strike, Network Rail is working with the industry to raise awareness of the issue. With Network Rail also now able to claim back the cost of repairs and compensation from transport operators – there has never been more of an incentive to minimise the chances of strikes.

DHL’s Zero Emissions Plan – With an objective to eliminate all logistics-related emissions, we look at DHL’s plans to introduce solar auxiliary power.

Blockchain in the Supply Chain – The technology may not be mainstream yet – but Motion Magazine is all about future technologies and how they can impact on the transport and logistics industry. Blockchain has a lot of promise – we take an early look at what it is and how it might be used.

Last Mile Deliveries – Rising consumer expectations are driving innovation in the home delivery sector… What do these innovations look like?

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