Microlise Present MAN Truck and Bus with Premier Business Partner 2012 Award

Simon Bewick (Customer Support Director, Microlise) and Des Evans (Managing Director, MAN Truck and Bus)

On 6th March 2012, Microlise proudly presented MAN Truck and Bus UK with its Premier Business Partner award for 2012 in appreciation for all their hard work and to celebrate the continued success of both the partnership but the continued growth of the MAN Trucknology Telematics brand.

Since 2007, the partnership between Microlise and MAN Truck & Bus UK has provided a range of web based Telematics solutions to MAN UK Customers that has enabled them to reduce the total cost of ownership of operating a vehicle.

This product & service offering  is branded as MAN Trucknology and is in use in over 300 transport businesses, operating over 7000 MAN trucks in the UK .

Trucknology is made up of core features from Microlise’s Fleet Performance product, including an on-board Telematics device to remotely monitor vehicle location, activity and driving style. MAN Customers can then access a suite of web-based reports and map client to have instant visibility of vehicle activity, utilisation and, crucially, how the vehicle is being driven. This information can then be used to identify good and bad driving practice, in reward safe & economical driving as well as identify where further training and support is required.

The singular focus or the solution is for MAN customer’s to be able to run their vehicles in the most safe & economical manner possible thereby improving fuel economy, reducing emissions, reducing accidents and wear & tear and, consequently, reducing operating costs.

Microlise would like to thank MAN Truck and Bus UK for their support over the last 5 years and looks forward to the continued success of the MAN and Microlise partnership in the coming years.