Microlise Enters MegaBuyte Top 50 Private Company League Table

megabuyte-top-50Microlise has entered the top 50 in the annual megabuyte50 private company scorecard rankings being listed as the 36th best financially-performing mid-market technology company in the UK.

The ranking underlines Microlise’s strong financial performance as measured by the Megabuyte Scorecard, which provides a methodology to help benchmark our performance against similar companies.

We are pleased to have been recognised for the first time, particularly as its aim is to identify excellence in the financial performance of privately-owned UK technology companies.

The Megabuyte Scorecard has been developed by independent research provider Megabuyte to assess the performance of software, IT and telecoms services companies.

The Scorecard assesses companies using a combination of seven key measures incorporating growth, margins, cash flow and overall size. These measures are weighted to provide what Megabuyte feels is the optimum balance for mid-market companies. Priority is given to organic growth over reported growth and the extent to which profits are cash-backed.

Microlise’s Megabuyte Scorecard ranking of 72 makes it the sixth best-performing accounting and enterprise software company out of those appearing in the 2016 Top 50.

The official megabuyte50 award series report contains a full Top 50 listing for any year in full, including individual category winners. This is made available at www.megabuyte-awards.com.

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