Microlise Introduce their New Driver Feedback Module to now make it even easier for you to monitor and improve driving behaviour and performance

Microlise’s Transport Management & Telematics Solutions are used by customers around the world to improve fleet productivity & utilisation, enhance customer service, reduce management overhead and improve safe and economical driving.

At the heart of this solution portfolio, is the Microlise Tracking Unit (the MTU3) which Microlise both design and manufacture. This telematics device monitors the location of vehicles and how it is being driven by connecting into the vehicle’s CANBus.

In the specific case of safe & economical driving, Microlise and their reseller & Automotive partners have helped hundreds of customers to improve driver behaviour with our simple, yet powerful, Safe & Economical Driving Style reports. These league tables, using the easy to understand A-G economy rating system, readily allow customers to improve their fuel economy by over 10%.

These reports are used most successfully when they are embedded in an operation’s daily and weekly procedures such that good driving can be recognised and, in the case of poor driving, debriefing and driver training can occur.

Microlise are introducing the Driver Feedback Module to compliment this reporting suite and to ensure driving feedback is delivered in real-time. In this manner, drivers who are driving to the required standard get instant feedback, whilst poor driving is automatically communicated to the driver, giving them the opportunity to change their behaviour, knowing that any further infringements will be recorded.

The Driver Feedback Module’s purpose is to sustain & develop good driving and to reduce debrief and training overhead. This low cost unit can be fitted to any MTU3 using CANBus / FMS data.

The small and light weight DFM unit can be adhered to the dashboard and consists of Red, Amber and Green lights plus Audio prompts. When the driver is driving the vehicle inside all of the allotted targets, relating to speed, harsh braking, greenband, idling, over-revving and so forth, then the green light will be on.
Should any infringement begin to occur, then the Amber light will come and an audible WARNING prompt, along with the particular, infringement will sound. For example, “WARNING – EXCESSIVE IDLING”

The unit can be configured with either a male of female voice. Likewise, different volume levels can be set, controlled from the Microlise MTU3 configuration.
Should the driver not modify their behaviour, then the red light will illuminate and an audible message will play, for example “RECORDING – EXCESSIVE IDLING”.

Matt Hague, Product Strategy Director at Microlise says; “We are delighted with the Driver Feedback Module. We think it really enhances what is already an innovative telematics solution and will allow customers to leverage more benefits, quicker. The DFM will be on general availability in June, but have already taken orders. Some customers are being quite smart in how they intent to deploy the Driver Feedback Module in that they won’t fit them across a whole fleet necessarily but will use the DFM as a training aid for those drivers who are identified as needing driver training”.