Microlise Announces Newest Release – 2011-1FR

Trailer Tracking Unit

The newest release from Microlise contains general enhancements to the Transport Management System as well as improvements and new features in the Fleet Performance, Journey Management and Proof of Delivery Packages.

Key Fleet Performance package update, which focuses on fleet activity, utilisation and driving style, includes a new suite of Vehicle Utilisation Reports which provide summary / detailed graphical views of the utilisation of groups or individual vehicles with both aggregated and time-line based views. The Fleet Performance package also now includes a Daily Driver Debrief Report, which summarises driving style scores, driving infringements and vehicle activity. Additionally, users can now take advantage of features offered by Google Maps from within the Map Client and reports.

The MFD solution now also supports integration into the QinetiQ Ocellus T-100 trailer tracking unit.

Within the Fleet Performance Package, changes have also been made to Microlise’s highly successful A-G Safe and Economic Rating Reports. These changes allow for further granularity of driver performance within the grade. It is now also possible to filter the reports such that drivers or vehicles that haven’t driven over a certain distance or for a certain number of hours are not shown on the report.

A number of new data items have also been added to the reports in this release including Stationary PTO time, Moving PTO Time, Average Engine Torque, Fuel Tank Level Percentage, Stationary PTO Fuel Used, Excessive Idling Fuel Used, Rolling Fuel Consumption, and Coasting & Over driving.

Various Map Client enhancements in this release include –  the ability to view temperature data (where available), distances will be shown directly from the vehicles ECU from ‘CANbus’ enabled vehicles, vehicles with GPS will only have the distance displayed from the internal odometer on board the tracking device and a new vehicle tree view has now been introduced.

Journey Management package includes 2 major product developments within this 2011-1FR release – these are the new Schedule Execution Board and Microlise’s all new Customer Service Module.

Schedule Execution Board

The Schedule Execution Board is a new web based module designed to provide the transport office with an extensive set of features for the effective management of vehicle routes (in terms of planned versus actual reporting, delivery pre-advice and exception management).

The SEB supersedes Microlise’s previous Electronic Traffic Sheet product. Features include comprehensive search and sort capabilities, ability to setup different sift patterns, streamlined resource allocation facility with comprehensive search to find the right combination of driver, tractor and trailer for the journey, single click on vehicle to show last known vehicle position in a Google Maps, ability to create journeys from a fixed route template, facility to complete or abort the journey, launch debrief facility directly from the journey details, review journey details by leg including a small map of the leg, and the ability to view drop locations via Google Maps.

The SEB still sits on top of Microlise’s point to point routing engine providing accurate ETA’s against plan each time a vehicle reports in.

The Schedule Execution Board resides within the same Web Portal as Microlise’s Arrival and Departure Boards, Debrief and new Customer Service Module.

Customer Service Module

Microlise’s new Customer Service Module is a set of web based features that allow the pro-active management of customer site visits using up to date estimated arrival times. This system can be configured to flag deliveries that are currently running late as well as allocate customer service representatives for resolution. This also includes a real-time web based feature for Depot Delivery Performance which shows, broken down by depot, information such as the number of planned deliveries for the day, the number completed, completed on time, completed late, completed early, forecast early, forecast late, etc.

This Customer Service Module is a departure from the typically traffic office centric solutions Microlise traditionally deploy, the module leverages the same point to point routing based ETA information but abstracts it away from the route and focuses on delivery performance into the individual customers or contract group. This system allows issues to be identified proactively and any resulting contact history to be recorded for reporting and subsequent review.

A new dynamic phonebook download is available for the DCM2 which allows users to receive a dynamic phone book based on the contact details associated with a journey allocated to the DCM2s vehicle.

Lastly the Proof of Delivery package will now support CoPilot 8 which is the newest Satellite Navigation System from CoPilot.

Microlise are excited by the enhancements and innovations offered within this latest release. It will be quickly followed up by a minor release which includes our new Driver Communications device and some unique safety reporting enhancements to our Fleet Performance Package.

For more information on 2011-1-FR or to find out about future releases feel free to contact us at enquiries@microlise.com or on 01773537000.