Join Us For Our Planning & Optimisation Webinar


We hope you will be able to join us on Friday 12th June at 11:00 for a webinar focusing on Microlise’s new Planning & Optimisation solution. During the forty-five minute session, we will be introducing Planning & Optimisation¬†and delivering a live demonstration before sharing details of upcoming developments.

The webinar – which you can register for here – will provide you with an opportunity to see the product first-hand, to understand how the solution – which is integrated with other Microlise products – can save your organisation hours of planning time and deliver highly accurate plans, which require less manual intervention, to enable you to get the most from your assets.

Why attend?

Microlise provides solutions across Fleet Performance, Journey Management and Electronic Proof Of Delivery Whilst we still integrate and work with established products in this space, we developed the Planning & Optimisation product to provide a critical missing link.

Fleet operators can now build highly accurate and effective plans, and manage forward execution through the Journey Management product, in addition to the delivery process through our Proof of Delivery offering. Our Fleet Performance telematics products then provides the real-time visibility of the fleet, ensures cost reductions and helps manage risk and safety.

The Planning & Optimisation tool has an exciting roadmap of developments coming in the future, but already delivers faster and more efficient routes than comparative tools, and importantly shows users the progress of calculations and permutations, giving a planner the ability to stop the solution when an acceptable plan has been reached, saving hours of time waiting for every single possible possibility to be calculated. 

Please join us for this webinar – we hope to see you there!