Fuel Duty Frozen in July Budget

100752867_editGood news for hauliers today as Chancellor George Osborne has maintained his freeze on fuel tax duty in the July Budget. Plans were also announced to ring-fence car tax income for the building of new roads.

No doubt FairFuelUK and its 1.1 million supporters, led by campaigner Howard Cox and motoring aficionado Quentin Willson, will be delighted with the result. It is a topic that is close to our heart at Microlise, and as a partner to FairFuelUK, a number of our team joined them in Westminster last week to lobby more than 70 MPs.

Since its inception, FairFuelUK has been credited with helping to save over £30 billion in potential tax increases for hard pressed motorists, the haulage industry and small businesses. The campaign was instrumental in lobbying the previous coalition government and is now celebrating a seminal moment; achieving a fuel duty hold in the first Conservative budget for nearly 20 years.

But FairFuelUK has even greater ambitions for 2015-2020 and hopes to lower fuel duty by at least 3p/litre, to initiate an independent transparent pump pricing inquiry and see the introduction of measures to ensure tax is always displayed on fuel receipts. The campaign group would also like to see the removal of VAT on fuel duty to stop double taxation.

UK transport operators are currently asked to pay the highest price for diesel in the EU, with some of the poorest incentives available in Europe for investment in green fuel. The UK also remains the only country in the EU with a higher price for diesel than petrol. With these facts in mind, FairFuelUK would like to see Diesel pricing parity at the pumps and government encouragement for greener fuels initiatives.

So, there is still a lot of work to do, but we are pleased to see FairFuelUK achieving results that are positive for all of us.  Let’s hope for a reduction in fuel duty in the next budget.

To support FairFuelUK visit the campaign website: http://www.fairfueluk.com/.