First Microlise Driver of the Year Awards Draw to a Close

Richard Burnett, Chief Executive, RHA - Allan Marsh - Samworth Brothers - Quentin WillsonAt the Microlise Transport Conference, held on the 20th May at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry, the first Microlise Driver of the Year Awards were presented to three very deserving drivers.

Allan Marsh of Samworth Brothers Supply Chain was named as the overall winner, having also taken home the long distance category award, beating competition from the initial 90,000 drivers that qualified to enter the awards process. Marsh saw off the challenge on the day from the winners of the short distance category, John Bramhill of Culina, and the winner of the medium distance category, Douglas Thornton of John Mitchell Haulage and Warehousing.

Marsh was quoted as saying:

“I am delighted to have won this award. Drivers don’t often get recognition so it is good that this award is raising awareness of the importance of good driver skills.  We were very pleased at Samworth Brothers Supply Chain to have a number of drivers shortlisted for the awards.  I always knew we had a good team of drivers but it is great to do so well in a national competition.  I couldn’t have won my award without all the support of the excellent Samworth Brothers driver academy and my colleagues.”

The MicroMicrolise Driver of the Year Grouplise Driver of the Year Awards were designed to recognise the vital role that drivers play in the transport industry, and the professionalism and dedication with which the job is carried out by so many in the profession. As mentioned above, 90,000 drivers were considered for the awards, all of whom had engaged with Microlise telematics systems in each of the four quarters of 2015.

We partnered with the Advanced Data Analysis Team at The University of Nottingham, which was provided with anonymous data. The specialist team then analysed the data in a number of ways, with advanced clustered techniques used to identify the three categories.

A series of criteria, such as harsh braking, over revving and speeding, were then used to identify the best performing drivers, and once the analysis had been done, checked and verified, a shortlist of 45 drivers – fifteen in each category was then selected.

The Road Haulage Association also supported the awards, and once questionnaires had been completed and received by managers of each of the shortlisted drivers, a senior RHA team reviewed both the data and questionnaires (both anonymised) to select a final shortlist of five drivers per category, a category winner and the overall winner.

Having recently sent out a post-Microlise Transport Conference survey, which asked delegates for their thoughts on the Microlise Driver of the Year Awards, it is great to see that so many felt that the awards were a great addition to the conference programme, highlighting the quality of drivers in the industry. We hope to expand the awards further next year and continue to highlight the very positive contribution of those at the front line of transport and logistics.

In addition to The University of Nottingham and the RHA, we are also grateful to MAN Truck & Bus UK who sponsored the awards and provided a day at the Porsche Experience Centre for the shortlisted drivers. A video captured some of the highlights and can be watched below.