FairFuel UK Launches Manifesto, Supported by RHA

FFUK_Logo__2_FairFuel UK, the campaign run by Howard Cox and transport industry lobbyist Quentin Willson, has released its Manifesto for Growth 2015 in the build up to next year’s general election. The document, available online through the campaign website, outlines key campaign objectives in addition to looking at the opportunity for economic growth should fuel duty cuts be applied.

The announcement was supported by the Road Haulage Association, with Chief Executive Richard Burnett saying, “Road haulage is a key service industry to the UK economy and relies almost entirely on diesel, yet diesel duty remains by far the highest in the EU. If we are to gain a competitive edge over our European counterparts we have to see a 3 pence per litre fuel duty cut.”

The FairFuel UK Manifesto for Growth details the campaign’s key objectives:

  • Stop any Fuel Duty Rises in this Parliament and beyond
  • Cut fuel duty by 3p
  • Have Government taxes displayed in fuel receipts in detail
  • Bring UK fuel prices in line with prices and taxation in Europe
  • The carrying out of an independent enquiry into fuel pricing processes and oil speculation
  • Tax incentives for the adoption of Greener fuels and technologies
  • A better deal for road users, where more of the £42bn in annual road tax is spent on infrastructure

Government has long been lobbied by industry operators, associations and road users for a reduction in fuel duty, which is the highest in the EU – despite the critical role that the transport and logistics industry plays in powering the UK economy.

Transport Operators are asked to pay the highest price for diesel in the EU, with some of the poorest incentives available in Europe for investment in green fuel. The UK also remains the only country in the EU with a higher price for diesel than petrol.

FairFuelUK is supported by Quentin Willson as lead campaigner, who is returning in 2015 as Chair of the Microlise Transport Conference, to be held on the 20th May at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Registration for the conference is open through the conference website. Please visit www.microliseconference.com.