Earned Recognition Milestone Reached

As of 31st January 2018 fleet operators participating in the Earned Recognition trial will feel the full benefit of the scheme, with  vehicles no-longer subjected to random roadside checks.

According to Commercial Motor, up until now, examiners carrying out random checks have not been able to identify vehicles  involved in the pilot, as the list has been confidential.

By the beginning of February this will have changed, with the only exception being if there is an obvious potentially dangerous truck defect.

At the 2017 FTA Transport Manager events taking place up and down the country,  DVSA spokespeople were promoting participation in the pilot, which is due to be fully rolled out in April.

We’re sure the DVSA will be hoping to kick-start the pilot with an infusion of new operators participating in the trial.A key benefit to participation is less frequent roadside checks. With less frequent checks in place from February will we see more operators volunteering for the pilot? Time will tell.

If you would like to apply to participate in the pilot, which will lead to auto-enrollment in the full programme in April, the first step is to contact the DVSA by emailing remote.compliance@vosa.gsi.gov.uk to request a form before the cut off deadline of 28th February.

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