Bidvest wins Customer Service Awards

Peter Gaunt Director of operational excellence (1st left), Joyce Blinston (middle right) and LB Morrow receiving the award for Best Technology Partnership.

On Friday 7th October, Bidvest Logistics won 2 awards at the Call Centre North West Awards event, held at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. The dinner was attended by over 500 guests from over 40 Customer Service Organisations.

The two awards Bidvest Logistics were awarded were:

The Contact Centre Manager of the Year which went to Lianne Blackman-Morrow. Lianne manages Bidvest’s Royton Call Centre which is centrally responsible for looking after all of Bidvest’s food service accounts.

The second award was for Best Technology Partnership, this was in recognition of the work Bidvest Logistics has done with Microlise in implementing Microlise’s Customer Service Board. This module, which was implemented on top of Bidvest’s existing Microlise Transport Management Solution provides real-time visibility of all planned deliveries, by contract and site and allows the Bidvest Customer Services team to proactive deal with forecast delivery issues and then log and record any subsequent contacts with the customer, thereby reducing management and reporting overhead.

Each award category involved the completion of a submission document, which was assessed before a shortlist of finalist was produced. All finalists would then receive a site visit and /or interview. Having entered only four of the

potential fourteen award categories, Bidvest Logistics was excited to find that all four submissions had made the finalist shortlist.

Lianne commented following the event ‘Not only was being shortlisted as a finalist in all four categories an achievement in itself, but to walk away from a fabulous night with two awards is fantastic’ she continued ‘Everybody can be proud of what we have achieved, and the awards represent the efforts of a lot of people from throughout Bidvest Logistics and their commitment to putting our customers first’.

Microlise’s Customer Service Board Module is available in Microlise’s latest release. It builds on the point to point routing engine which predicts, each time a Microlise GPS tracked vehicle reports in, how long it will take to reach each delivery point on the planned route. Traditionally, the Microlise system presents data on a whole route basis for use by Transport Management and Planner alike. Here the same route information is viewed by each contract / delivery point.

LB-Morrow (Right) receiving her award for Contact Centre Manager of the Year

In this way, customer service agents who only have responsibility for specific contracts and sites are only alerted when a predicted arrival time will no longer be within a contractual time window. At this point the system creates a unique case reference and the customer service agent is presented with journey & driver information, contract & site contact information and a summary of the overall route status (ie. where the vehicle is, how many drops are there between that location and the customer’s deliver and what the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is.

The Customer service agent can then enter in all of the subsequent conversations and actions / outputs from the resulting call. This information can be reported on, referenced either by Case number or Customer Deliver / Order number.

The whole purpose of the module, which Bidvest Logistic’s have put to great use, is to provide a proactive level of customer service as the Microlise system starts to predict that a trip is not going to plan and to more readily record, manage and report upon any ensuing customer interaction.