7 Reasons Santa Doesn’t Need Proof of Delivery

We’re quickly approaching the busiest time of the year for old Saint Nicholas, but surprisingly, he’s not been in touch about deploying Proof of Delivery (POD).

Here at Microlise we’ve been waiting for his people to call our people to arrange a trial of our product, now used by many of the UK’s largest retailers, but we’re still waiting.

We’re pretty sure it’s because he’s got other things on his mind… Like making all the amazing presents and distributing them around the world! With that in mind here’re the 7 reasons why we think he probably doesn’t need Proof of Delivery.

1 – Where he goes, he doesn’t need roads – Route execution is a key feature of Proof of Delivery and whilst this is a vital element for all modern transport companies, Santa’s Reindeer don’t travel by road. This can make route guidance a little difficult… “Turn Left in 100 metres” can be a little challenging to judge from behind eight pairs of antlers.

2 – Naughty and nice list – Mr Claus knows where to deliver. His infamous naughty and nice list identifies exactly where he needs to go next and what needs to be delivered. While he could go paperless and digitise the list to improve efficiency; consignment and schedule information is not needed as he already knows.

3 – He’s already super-efficient – Another feature of POD is task management. It can help operatives to prioritise and keep on top of the daily jobs list. Santa already has a pretty efficient system. He can deliver all of the world’s Christmas presents in a 24 hour window, so plainly he has no need for such a function.

4 – Chimney access – While many delivery drivers and operators will benefit from risk assessed site notes for different drops, Santa knows that the best way in is always through the chimney (if there is one). For Santa the risk assessment report would always highlight limited manoeuvrability, the prospect of working at height and the potential for a fire hazard.

5 – He always delivers – Sign on glass and image capture is important for us mere mortals to keep a digital record of deliveries or record evidence if there is a problem. For Santa there would never be anyone there to sign as he is an expert at sneaking into living rooms when no-one is there. Proof of Sherry consumption might be a better feature for him.

6 – He’s self sufficient – Santa is unique. He is entirely self-sufficient, meaning he doesn’t need to communicate with Mrs Claus and his Elves back at base while out on the road. Once he sets off to deliver his payload on Christmas Eve he has everything he needs in his sack, on his sleigh and with his reindeer. This means an integrated phonebook, with important phone numbers and the ability to message or make voice calls safely from the sleigh would be of little use to him.

7 – He does it all himself – No matter how efficient your fleet is, you can’t do it all with one vehicle and sometimes sub-contractors are required. Santa never needs subcontractors. He does it all (with a little help from his elves), meaning Microlise’s capability to appoint sub-contractors without significant capital expenditure enabling the management of delivery workflows with precision, is not a requirement.

Mrs Claus on the other hand does like to keep track of Santa… She’s already been in touch to install Journey Management for a real-time view of how Santa is delivering compared to plan; and Fleet Performance so that she can debrief him on sleigh performance when he gets back to base on Christmas Day.

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