Safety & Risk

Reduce accident rates and protect drivers

Nothing is more important than the safety of drivers out on the road, or the safety of the general public and road users on the whole. That’s why Microlise has developed a range of products to help you reduce accident rates in your fleet and protect your drivers. Harnessing the power of data, technology can help you to identify near misses, understand root cause, target training and make your fleet safer. Customers who have implemented Microlise safety products have seen an 80% reduction in speeding incidents and reduced accidents by up to half.

Reduce accident rates

Encourage safer driving style and in turn, reduce the number of accidents your fleet has.

Protect drivers

With an incident data recorder and integrated camera system, get to the root cause of any accident quickly.

Minimise insurance costs

Understand fault quickly and become first to notify of loss to reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

Incident Data Recorder

Incident analysis uses a black box recording function which links with the Microlise telematics solution. The recorder is triggered by incidents such as harsh braking and rapid deceleration.

Multi-camera Solution

Integrated with the Microlise Fleet Performance product, users can download the specific footage surrounding an incident straight from the vehicle playback screen quickly and easily - in both low and high resolution.

Driver Performance Management

Drivers are encouraged to adopt a safer driving style with a range of factors, including speed, cornering and braking measured by our finely tuned A-G rating system.

Driver Hazard Warnings

Big Data technology makes it possible to alert your drivers to specific risk hotspots as they approach them. Microlise data scientists have developed an algorithm which assesses risk in real-time and delivers audio notifications to drivers in the cab.

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