Driver Performance

Support Your Drivers

Help drivers to perform at their best, maximise fleet safety and efficiency and reduce fuel costs and environmental impact. Boost the availability of vehicles in your fleet by reducing vehicle downtime and repair and maintenance costs.

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Target Training

Understand where driving style improvements can be made, on an individual or group basis.

Reduce Costs

A more considered driving style reduces fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear.

Improve Safety

Minimise the number of incidents across your fleet with real-time, in-cab coaching and performance and incident analysis.

Driving Style Reports

Grading across all areas of driving makes it easier to identify patterns of behaviour and to highlight areas for improvement. Comparative league tables allow for targetted training at both an individual and group level.

The DPM App

The Driver Performance Management (DPM) app empowers drivers by providing a detailed view of performance across a wide range of criteria, and where necessary, suggests ways to improve.

driver performance monitoring

Driver Feedback Module

Deliver dynamic performance information to drivers in the cab, to improve driving style in real time. The Driver Feedback Module (DFM) warns drivers when an infraction is about to be recorded by the telematics unit – for example a harsh acceleration event – giving the driver time to modify behaviour.

Driver Hazard Warning

The DHW app helps to reduce dangerous and costly bridge strikes by providing an advanced audio and visual warning when height, width and weight restrictions are approached, providing ample time for drivers to take an alternative route.

Driver Trip Sheet

Our Trip Sheet provides drivers with the tools they need to execute optimised plans with precision, saving driver time, reducing on-the-job stress and minimising fleet mileage.

Driver Communication

Our cost-effective and intuitive communication platform with hands-free capability, supports improved driver management, communication and safety.