Driver Performance

Empower Your Drivers

Empower your drivers to perform at their best to maximise fleet safety and reduce operating costs. Increase the efficiency of your fleet and reduce fuel costs. Be more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions. Boost the availability of vehicles in your fleet by reducing vehicle downtime, repair and maintenance costs. Choose Microlise to ensure your team is acting responsibly by reducing speeding and associated incidents to improve safety.

Target training with precision

Understand where driving style improvements can be made on an individual driver or group basis.

Reduce costs

A more conservative driving style burns less fuel and creates less wear and tear on vehicles.

Improve safety

Through real-time coaching in the cab, and performance and incident analysis, minimise the number of incidents across your fleet.

A Suite of Driving Style Reports

Grading across all aspects of driving style makes it very easy to identify patterns of behaviour and to highlight areas for improvement. Comparative league tables help you to target training at both individual and group levels.


The Driver Performance Management (DPM) app empowers your drivers by giving them a detailed view of their own performance against a wide range of criteria and provides advice and tips on how to achieve improvements.

driver performance monitoring

Driver Feedback Module

Deliver dynamic performance information to drivers in the cab to improve driving style in real time. The Driver Feedback Module (DFM) works by warning drivers when an infraction is about to be recorded by the telematics unit – for example a harsh acceleration event – giving the driver time to change behaviour before it’s too late.

Driver Hazard Warnings

Microlise data scientists have developed an algorithm which assesses risk in real-time and delivers audio notifications to drivers in the cab, notifying of potential dangers as they approach them.

Driver Trip Sheet

Give your drivers the tools they need to execute optimised plans with precision. Save your drivers time and make life as easy as possible while ensuring planned routes are adhered to, in order to reduce excess fleet mileage.

Driver Communications

A cost effective and intuitive communications platform which can help to improve driver management and communication and improve safety by enabling hands free phone calls.

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