Customer Experience

Strengthen customer engagement

Streamline communication and improve enquiry and returns handling. Provide customer-facing colleagues with real-time information to improve customer interaction.

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Increase Customer Service Capability

Improve communication and forge stronger customer relationships.

Improve Retention

Deliver the best possible service to ensure customers keep coming back.

Reduce Complaints

Minimise the number of complaints received through enhanced communication and ticket management.

Improve Customer Interaction

Use real-time updates and automated alerts to keep customers informed about unanticipated delays or on-time deliveries.

Proactively Resolve Queries

Access specific consignment or item information, establish estimated time of arrival and resolve queries and enquiries at speed.

proof of delivery

Share a Digital Record

Automatically share proof of delivery (POD) with customers and store a digital copy for your records. Retrieve historical data and produce a complete audit trail to support customer enquiries.