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Optimising Plans & Routes To Drive Fleet Efficiency

By ensuring the fleet is deployed in the most efficient way, fleet operators can do more with less – reducing mileage travelled, maximising utilisation of resources and driving ROI.

In this webinar, Luke Olsen and Mathew Bates will take attendees through the importance of taking data on workload, drivers and vehicles, and creating plans that take account of all this information to ensure the operation is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. They will be looking at the benefits of utilising highly accurate plans and the pitfalls of failing to do so, highlighting the opportunities created for fleet operators by achieving an efficient planning process.

The session will include a demonstration of the Microlise Planning & Optimisation product, where attendees will be shown how the tool can be used to deliver highly accurate plans, but also how change and exceptions can be handled. The team will furthermore outline how the wider Schedule Execution process can be managed, through monitoring of the fleet vs the plan to proactively identify and react to issues and change.

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