Product Release 21.6

Product Release 21.6 includes system enhancements, including three new dashboard widgets and a new way to view Remaining Driving time data in more detail. It is also a ‘Gateway’ Release, to ensure that long term stability is maintained across the system as the breadth and depth of our product range continues to grow. Changes are being made far in advance of any issues, but from this point onwards, customers who want to upgrade their system from an earlier version must include 21.6 as part of their planned upgrades.

We are also beginning to migrate systems across to the Microlise Identity Provider, which will allow us to offer Single Sign-On (SSO) capability to customers using the MFD system. Most customers will not need to take any action to avail of improved system security and self-service recovery of password information but should it become necessary, a Microlise representative will contact affected customers.

Three new dashboard widgets have been introduced for Journey Management customers, with the aim of improving the visibility of picking and loading processes so that supervisors can spot and correct any possible bottlenecks, helping to prevent delayed departures.

These widgets can complement other areas of the system to help customers get the most out of them, including our pre-loading functionality and the ‘Departing Journeys’ widget. As with all of our widgets, there is also the option to drill down to see more detailed information.

To offer improved flexibility and allow customers using the SmartPOD mobile app to align their Proof of Delivery/Collection (PODPOC) PDF files more closely with their relevant branding, the logo image can now be customised according to the associated legal entity. If a logo hasn’t been associated, the default logo will still be visible.

To help Fleet Performance customers stay compliant with working time restrictions, those with the appropriate permissions will be able to view a new ‘remaining driving time’ (RDT) page, which will provide a single grid-style view of all the RDT information for their drivers. This is currently only available in English, but other translated versions will be available in future.

A new top-level menu item – ‘drivers’ – has also been added. The ‘remaining driving time’ page is currently the only one in this menu section, but as we release new driver-related features and enhancements in future releases, they will also appear there.

While initially developed to cater to the legislation UK and EU transport industry, the Planning & Optimisation Tool now also supports working time directive and driver’s hours legislation within the Australia & New Zealand regions. New options have been introduced to incorporate these regions, and these can now be selected when creating a new plan in the configuration area of the tool.

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