Product Release: 21.4

The 21.4 product release contains new functionality and further enhancements to previous releases. This release introduces a new compliance report for easier monitoring of KPIs and several enhancements to fleet activity alerts. It also includes a range of improvements to our mobile payment processes via the SmartPOD app, and several new quality of life improvements to the Planning & Optimisation tool to make generating plans even more convenient.

As detailed in the previous product release blog, improvements have been made to the Web Portal header and page navigation. The 21.4 release also introduces the Digital Adoption Platform to provide improved self-help guidance for users.


The new ‘Trip Admin Compliance Detail’ report is now available for Journey Management customers. The report features summarised results and a range of new columns to broaden the range of data available, allowing transport operators to analyse the performance of their drivers and assets on an adhoc basis.


Expanding on our existing yard management functionality, customers using our Mobile Applications can now let drivers decline a journey earlier in the process to improve efficiency and speed up, and resolve trailer issues. This feature is designed to support instances where drivers encounter a problem while trying to pick up or drop off a new trailer and need to submit a clause code before contacting their transport office for more guidance.

A number of changes have also been made to our mobile payment functionality to better serve the needs of customers with international operations. Printed receipts will now display Price Per Unit values and a tax information summary. Partial or no payment can be taken for goods and accurately recorded via the app (for auditing purposes, any reasoning given is shown in our payment-related system reports), and mobile payment functionality is now fully translatable for our overseas customers. The mobile printing module for the SmartPOD app will also default to the language selected by the driver.


Fleet Performance customers with Microlise door sensors installed into their vehicles will now see improved door sensor alerts and increased security benefits with support staff able to prioritise open door events via a new business rule added to the Web Portal.

Users of the ClearVision camera solution will also see a new business event (Moving Whilst DVR Isolated) on the playback grid and map within the Web Portal, allowing transport office staff to more easily detect and manage situations where vehicles have been recorded as in operation without their camera system powered for a set length of time.


The 21.4 product release expands the Planning & Optimisation tool’s existing csv import process of deleting orders, allowing for quicker and more efficient management of master order data. The optimisation tool also now allows for drivers who work varying shift patterns, with the upper limit on shift duration extended from twelve to fifteen hours. This means that duty time cap compliant plans can be more easily customised to suit the needs of individual organisations and their drivers.

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