Government To Keep Driver Rest Stops Open During Covid-19 Crisis

The National Cabinet has agreed that roadhouses, dedicated truck rest-stop facilities and truck driver lounges are to remain open as Australia continues to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) CEO Kirk Coningham “Heavy vehicle drivers are working harder than ever during this crisis to keep supplies moving, including getting goods into supermarkets and pharmacies. It is vital we make every effort to support their safety and wellbeing as they go about that task.

Over the past days and weeks there have been industry reports of drivers being unable to access shower facilities, healthy meal choices or even just seating areas when it comes time for them to take their rest breaks.

The decision made by the National Cabinet will ensure that drivers have access to the facilities they need to protect their health and wellbeing while working and to increase safety for everyone on the road. Drivers are playing a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic, not just in getting supplies to consumers, but also by supporting the export sector by transporting goods to ports and air freight facilities.

Coningham concluded “I am particularly grateful to the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and the Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz and their teams for their positive engagement with ALC and other industry groups on this matter over recent days.”