Our Solutions

Our solutions are tailor made to meet the specific needs of five different sectors including Transport & Logistics, Field Service, Mil Gov, Plant and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Microlise invests a significant proportion of revenues each year in research and development, employing a dedicated development team which continually works on new features and modules to meet the ever changing needs of the market, our customers and their fleets.

Learn about our solutions and how they can help you or your customers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, safety and service levels, whilst helping you minimise environmental impact.

Transport & Logistics

The Microlise Transport & Logistics solution is designed specifically for the needs of commercial fleet operators.

A modular approach allows customers to take advantage of a solution that meets their specific requirements and a dedicated solution roadmap ensures operators are able to take advantage of the latest innovations and developments in the telematics industry.

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Light Commercial & Fleet

Reduce operational costs, enhance service levels and add van tracking and comprehensive task management with the deployment of the Microlise Light Commercial & Fleet Solution.

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Defence & Security

A commercial off the shelf (COTS) health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) designed to address the challenges of modern day fleet management.

The optimisation of a fleet is of paramount importance, particularly in the current political and financial environment.

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Plant & Agriculture

Our plant solution delivers the tools to ensure a secure fleet and lets you remotely monitor location and machinery health and usage.

Security will be improved, fleets will be managed more effectively; and uptime will be boosted to ensure assets are operational for longer.

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OEM & Channel

We understand the needs of industrial manufacturers and offer a suite of integrated products to help accelerate your connected asset program.

The right connected platform delivers significant business-efficiency benefits and in addition, can offer new revenue opportunities as the potential for new customer services and market functionalities allow for stronger relationships to be forged with end users.

By combining your market knowledge and expertise with our products, support, dedicated training and marketing tools, you can increase your business potential and revenue.

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Humanitarian Aid & NGO

The Microlise Humanitarian and NGO solution is military grade and based on a widely used and proven commercial platform, designed to address the challenges of modern fleet management.It enables you to make timely and accurate operational decisions.

Cutting edge telematics technology provides real-time visibility of assets, their health status and how they have been used. Fleet performance analysis tools enable the user to identify health and usage trends, reduce operating costs and optimise service regimes to get the most from a fleet.

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